Personal tax return is basically your report to the government of all of your income and some other financial details for a given year. While your return may show that you have to pay more tax, in Canada you may also be eligible for a tax rebate if you have credits for expenses like health care, child care, donations etc.

The sum of income tax that a person has to pay is based on the amount of taxable income gained during the previous calendar year and any tax credits that have been earned.

Income tax is collected by the CRA – Canada Customs and Revenue Agency - on behalf of the federal government, provinces and territories. Preparation and filing of a personal tax return (T1) must be completed annually and submitted to CRA no later than April 30th of the following year.

Any additional taxes owing must also be paid by April 30th or interest will be charged on the overdue amount. Even if you are unable to pay the taxes that you owe, you must still file your return by the April 30th deadline to avoid being charged a penalty.

Filing personal tax return could be confusing and exhausting while any mistakes done can result in an audit or at least some discussions with CRA.

We prepare personal income tax returns in Canada for those who are permanently or temporarily employed, self-employed individuals,  those who earn their income from renting out real estate, retirees, new immigrants, students... We serve all those who pay taxes in Canada.

Personal tax return preparation for 2014 tax year starts from as low as CAD $30.

It is crucial to keep a record of your income from all sources. If you work for someone else, they are obligated to send you a statement listing your income and any deductions that have been made for income taxes, employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan, etc. Use this information to fill out your tax return.

For your convenience below is the list of supporting documentation required to complete your personal income tax return.

Income / Expense

Tax Form Number/Information Required

Employment income

T 4

Unemployment income

T 4E




Dividends Income

T5, T4PS, T5013

Interest Income

T5, T3, T5013

Capital Gains/Losses

T5, T4PS, T5013

Safety deposit box fees or other investment or interest expenses



Interest paid on student loans


Tuition expenses

Form T2202A

Minor Children

Please provide names, date of birth and SIN of children

Universal Child Care Benefit ($100 per month per child)

RC 62

Children fitness


Child Care expenses (day care, private schools, baby sitter, summer camps)

receipts; SIN of individual provided service


Old Age supplement income


Canada Pension income

T 4A(P)


T 4A

Other credits and deductions

If you rent apartment

amount of rent paid, address, name of land lord, # of months lived

If you own apartment

amount of property tax paid, address, name of municipality, # of months lived

Medical expenses


Union dues


charitable donations


Public transit passes

amount spent

If you a first-time home buyer, who acquire a qualifying home after January 27, 2009 - let us know.

There is a credit for you.



Employment expenses

If you have Form T2200, Declaration of Conditions of Employment, signed by employer discuss with us deductible expenses


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